Jesus, a Love Like No Other! e-bokEngelsk, 2014


How does one go on living after your loved one leaves?What about the ones left behind enveloped in anguish?What does a person do with crushed faith?Jesus, a Love Like No Other! is a life-changing, inspirational book that will open your eyes to the love of Jesus. As you will see, Oh how He loves! Truly, Jesus is a love like no other. Regardless of your place in life right now, readers will find this book motivating and inspirational. It is a must have for all libraries.- Brian Ulch, associate pastor, Trinity Lighthouse Church, Denison, TexasThe walk of faith is an eternal quest for every believer. And for my friend, Mary Berry, it is a way of life. Her love for God and her determination to be obedient to Him will make a valuable impact upon those who read this book. The principles of faith which she learned and applied in her life are contained in this book principles that can change your life! Discover a new dimension in faith that can help you change your world. Certainly it can be done!- Bob Lothenore, pastor; Sherman Church of the Nazarene, Sherman, Texas