Relationships Are Everything: How to Not Suck at Relationships & Make a Dent in This World heftetEngelsk, 2018


When was the last time you felt a group of friends feeling more alive? Have you been struggling when it comes to dating? Are you disappointed in the way you find yourself handling things at work? Or maybe you know what it's like to feel spent as though you have nothing left to give...without knowing why. For a long time, men have pursued life on their terms. It's left them with dead ends and a life of loneliness apart from people and relationships. Something needs to change. This simple but profound book addresses an issue and which has plagued men for years: Sucking at Relationships. After reading this book and putting it into practice, you will not have to suffer from these issues ever again. Relationships Are Everything will help you to recognize how meaningful relationships are and how they can help get you the life you have always wanted. In the book, Ben teaches four simple but powerful truths about relationships that will turn your life upside down in a radical way. Ben helps you to not only understand how powerful relationships are but gives you the practical tools you will need to make your relationships better. These tools will, in turn, help you to go out and make the dent in this world that you long to make. Relationships aren't just something. Relationships are everything. Pick up this book, start reading it, put it into action and never struggle with relationships again. This book is a game changer for men for ages to come. Here is what others are saying about Relationships Are Everything: "I wish I would have had this book 12 years ago before I got married, before I became a dad, before I grew up. It would have changed everything." - Jeff Goins, best-selling author of The Art of Work "A transformational life crisis struck me in 2001. Realizing at this point purpose and meaning are the central ingredients for a quality life, however, without amazing relationships this goal is elusive. Ben shares core principles here in his latest book, Relationships Are Everything, that prepares you to flourish in all of your relationships."- Aaron Walker Coach/Author/Speaker View From The Top "In Relationships Are Everything, Ben intertwines personal experience, humor, gut checks, and his passion for developing Godly men to shed light on areas that we guys all too often intentionally overlook. Ben gives practical, tangible methods that guys can employ to deepen their relationships, adding meaning and purpose to their lives, helping them become the men they want, need, and are called to be."- Nick Tilley, Adventure Guru, Founder of "As a guy, we can get so focused on getting our stuff done that we forget about relationships and how important they are in our lives. Ben reminds of just that, but will also will teach you how to thrive in them. Guys, we desperately need this help. Relationships Are Everything is a game changer in helping you to build strong relationships. Read it. Digest it. Put it into action." - Chad Jeffers, Author & Creative Coach, "We all know we need help at relationship-ing. But few dare to share such rich wisdom and honest stories of failure and success. Thank you, Ben, for creating such a fresh, helpful book." - Mike Loomis, Entrepreneur & Author Coach,