Her Beast: Dirty After Dark heftetEngelsk, 2018


Ros did not sign up for this. Starting a romance with a mysterious billionaire wasn't part of the job request. Pink Inc. matched clients with temp workers, not couples. She didn't know his secret would intrigue her enough to make her fall for him. But soon she found herself saying, "I don't care what he is, I'm not going to let him go."

Brand has been living in the dark for so long that he's forgotten life's true beauty. Love was a curse for his family. "I am just going to paint her. Once she sees me, it's all over." Little did he know that she was going to make him her dirty beast after dark. And the nights they spent as one would restore his faith in living in the light.

Come for the beast, stay for the love.

Warning: This full-length standalone book will arouse your sexual fantasies. It is filled with steamy erotic scenes from the start to the end and with a hint of comical romance. As always, it has a happily ever after.