Creating Your Dream Elementary Classroom from the Inside Out heftetEngelsk, 2018


What are the magic ingredients to a dream classroom and how can you create one for your own students? In this inspiring new book, Becky Hunt shows you how to transform the elementary school classroom into a special place where students are excited to learn. You'll gain practical strategies on key areas such as classroom environment, community, routines, procedures, expectations, lessons, and professionalism. You will discover how to:Design a classroom environment in which students feel safe, happy, and eager to learn; Arrange and facilitate regular class meetings so that students can express themselves freely, without judgement; Maintain professionalism in and out of the workplace; Set guidelines, rules, and expectations that students will understand and respect; Construct a targeted lesson plan with a clear beginning, middle, and end; Approach each day with a positive attitude by managing health and wellness; And much more! Special features in each chapter include a "Tips from the Pros" section and "Reflect and Write" boxes to help you pause and apply the ideas as you go. There are also "Discussion Questions" and "Notes to Trainers and Mentors" so you can easily use the book for new teacher training, induction, book studies, and PLCs. With the practical tools and heartwarming examples in this book, you can have your own dream classroom starting today!