• The Witch's Book of Self-Care


    inbunden, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9781507209141

    "From Wiccan author Arin Murphy-Hiscock comes this fantastic guide to spiritual self-care with a witchy bent. The Witch's Guide to Self-Care contains recipes for products and

  • The Green Witch


    inbunden, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9781507204719

    "For covens who prefer meeting outdoors, perhaps in a garden or a deep forest clearing, The Green Witch is a delightful guide to nature magic. It's filled with practical recipes

  • The Modern Guide to Witchcraft


    inbunden, 2014, Engelska, ISBN 9781440580024

    Unlock your highest potential, achieve your deepest desires, and delve into the world of witchcraft. Looking for an enchanting love potion? Want to create your own sacred space and

  • The House Witch


    inbunden, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9781507209462

    Everything you need to know to create your very own sacred space-perfect for practicing home-based witchcraft including spells, rituals, herbalism, and more-from the author of The

  • The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need


    häftad, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9781507210840

    This lovely, full-color guide to tarot provides everything you need to know to read tarot-whether it's a traditional reading, or a reading for self-reflection or self-discovery.Not

  • Moon Magic


    häftad, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9781507205013

    From the author of Moon Spells comes a beginner's book about the moon's energy and how you can harness that lunar power in your everyday life.From new moons and eclipses to blue

  • Moon Spells


    häftad, 2002, Engelska, ISBN 9781580626958

    Achieve Your Desires--Tap Into the Hidden Power of the Moon!At any given moment, the moon shines down on half the world. Now, through the magick of Moon Spells, you can learn how

  • Spellcrafting


    inbunden, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9781507212646

    Craft your own magic with this comprehensive guide to creating, customizing, and casting unique spells, charms, and potions. Make your own magic! Spellcrafting is a step-by-step

  • The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot


    inbunden, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9781507202630

    Learn how tarot cards can unlock the secrets of the past, present, and future in the latest book of the Modern Witchcraft series.For centuries, witches have used the tarot to seek

  • WitchCraft Cocktails


    inbunden, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9781507213933

    A stunning collection of 70 witchcraft-inspired drink recipes with inspiration for creating your very own spirited cocktails to benefit your practice. For centuries, witches have