Tidig historia: ca 500 – ca 1450/1500

  • Art of Combat


    pocket, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9781526771100

    First published in 1570, Joachim Meyer's The Art of Combat is among the most important texts in the rich corpus of German martial arts treatises of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

  • Forbidden Rites


    pocket, 1998, Engelska, ISBN 9780271017518

    Preserved in the Bavarian State Library in Munich is a manuscript that few scholars have noticed and that no one in modern times has treated with the seriousness it deserves.

  • The Three Richards


    pocket, 2006, Engelska, ISBN 9781852855215

    The three Richards who ruled England in the Middle Ages were among the most controversial and celebrated of its rulers. Richard I ('Coeur de Lion', 1189-99) was a great crusading

  • The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire c.500–1492

    pocket, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9781107685871

    Byzantium lasted a thousand years, ruled to the end by self-styled 'emperors of the Romans'. It underwent kaleidoscopic territorial and structural changes, yet recovered repeatedly

  • The History of the Franks

    pocket, 1974, Engelska, ISBN 9780140442953

    Written following the collapse of Rome's secular control over western Europe, the History of Gregory (c. AD 539-594) is a fascinating exploration of the events that shaped

  • Katherine Swynford


    pocket, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780712641975

    Katherine Swynford was first the mistress, and later the wife, of John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster. This book rescues Katherine from the footnotes of history, highlighting her

  • The Penguin Book of Hell

    pocket, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9780143131625

    Journey into the underworld through three thousand years of visions of hell, from the ancient Near East to modern AmericaFrom the Hebrew Bible's shadowy realm of Sheol to

  • Secret History


    pocket, 2010, Engelska, ISBN 9781603841801

    By exposing the perversion, repression, corruption, and injustice at the heart of Justinian's regime, Prokopios' "The Secret History" destroyed forever that emperor's reputation as

  • First Crusade


    pocket, 2013, Engelska, ISBN 9780099555032

    The First Crusade is one of the best-known and most written-about events in history. This book intends to address the history of the First Crusade from the perspective of the east,

  • European Warfare, 1350–1750

    pocket, 2010, Engelska, ISBN 9780521713894

    The period 1350–1750 saw major developments in European warfare, which not only had a huge impact on the way wars were fought, but also are critical to long-standing controversies