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  • Röd lilja


    Uppläsare: Pia Poppelin
    Ljudbok, 2014, Svenska, ISBN 9789170369483

    Hayley tänker inte riskera allt hon älskar. Hon älskar sin lilla dotter Lily, sitt jobb på Harpers Handelsträdgård och sina nära väninnor Roz och Stella. Hon älskar också sin

  • Svart ros


    Uppläsare: Pia Poppelin
    Ljudbok, 2014, Svenska, ISBN 9789170369476

    Det har alltid bott någon från släkten Harper på lantgodset som nu ägs av Rosalind. Och lika länge som någon kan komma ihåg har ett andeväsen rört sig i dess salar. Rosalind "Roz"

  • Ark Encounter


    pocket, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9781479842797

    Behind the scenes at a creationist theme park with a mission to convert visitors through entertainment Opened to the public in July 2016, Ark Encounter is a creationist theme

  • Dangerously Bad


    pocket, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9780352347893

    From the author of Dangerously Broken comes the third novel in the Dangerous Romance trilogy. Being bad never felt so good... Duff Stewart has two specialties: restoring

  • Gangs Of New Orleans


    pocket, 2004, Engelska, ISBN 9780099455080

    This volume is a history of the criminal underworld of early 20th-century New Orleans, by the author of "The Gangs of New York" and "The Gangs of Chicago". It chronicles such

  • Army of the Heartland

    häftad, 2001, Engelska, ISBN 9780807127377

    A companion volume to Autumn of Glory.Most of the Civil War was fought on Southern soil. The responsibility for defending the Confederacy rested with two great military forces. One

  • Murder in Mississippi


    pocket, 2014, Engelska, ISBN 9780349134260

    An unlikely journalist, a Mississippi murder plagued by revelations, and a fascinating true-crime story of race, money, sex, and power in the modern American South - all told in

  • Chasing the Gator

    av ,

    inbunden, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9780316465779

    Cajun country is the last bastion of true American regional cooking, and no one knows it better than Isaac Toups. Now the chef of the acclaimed Toups' Meatery and Toups South in

  • Respect Yourself


    häftad, 2015, Engelska, ISBN 9781608194162

    The story of Stax Records unfolds like a Greek tragedy. A white brother and sister build a monument to racial harmony in blighted south Memphis during the civil rights movement.

  • Beaches


    inbunden, 2016, Engelska, ISBN 9781419720895

    Gray Malin is the artist of the moment for the Hollywood and fashion elite. His awe-inspiring aerial photographs of beaches around the world are shot from doorless helicopters,