• Sandworm


    häftad, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9780525564638

    In 2014, the world witnessed the start of a mysterious series of cyberattacks. Targeting American utility companies, NATO, and electric grids in Eastern Europe, the strikes grew

  • Putin's People


    pocket, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9780007578818

    'Meticulously researched and superbly written ... The Putin book that we've been waiting for.' Oliver Bullough, author of Moneyland A president that won't step down.

  • Gentleman in Moscow


    pocket, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9780099558781

    21 June 1922 Count Alexander Rostov - recipient of the Order of Saint Andrew, member of the Jockey Club, Master of the Hunt - is escorted out of the Kremlin, across Red Square and

  • Bear and The Nightingale


    pocket, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9781785031052

    In a village at the edge of the wilderness of northern Russia, where the winds blow cold and snow falls many months of the year, an elderly servant tells stories of sorcery,

  • Spy and the Traitor


    pocket, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9780241972137

    A thrilling Cold War story about a KGB double agent, by one of Britain's greatest historians On a warm July evening in 1985, a middle-aged man stood on the pavement of a busy

  • Sammetsdiktaturen


    E-bok, 2021, Svenska, ISBN 9789113113210

    ”Jag får ofta frågan hur jag står ut med att bo i Ryssland, både av ryssar och västerlänningar. Varför bo och arbeta i ett land där vardagen är så fylld av besvär? Där byråkratin

  • Spinning Silver


    pocket, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9781509899043

    Spinning Silver is a an extraordinary, magical novel with a fairy-tale feel, inspired by traditional folklore. Two women must overcome incredible challenges to follow their dreams

  • Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume I

    inbunden, 2009, Engelska, ISBN 9780955862076

    The photographs, drawings and texts published in this book are part of a collection of more than 3000 tattoos accumulated over a lifetime by prison attendant Danzig Baldaev.

  • Unwomanly Face of War


    pocket, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9780141983530

    'A must read' - Margaret Atwood'It would be hard to find a book that feels more important or original' - Viv Groskop, ObserverExtraordinary stories from Soviet women who fought in

  • Bloodlands


    pocket, 2011, Engelska, ISBN 9780099551799

    Under Hitler and Stalin the Nazi and Soviet regimes murdered fourteen million people in the bloodlands between Berlin and Moscow. The killing fields extended from central Polads