Pedagogisk filosofi & teori

  • Children as Pawns


    E-bok, 2003, Engelska, ISBN 9780674264168

    Head Start. Bilingual education. Small class size. Social promotion. School funding. Virtually every school system in America has had to face these issues over the past thirty

  • Love's Shadow


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9780674249875

    A case for literary critics and other humanists to stop wallowing in their aestheticized helplessness and instead turn to poetry, comedy, and love.Literary criticism is an agent of

  • Intellectual Lives of Children


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9780674250482

    A look inside the minds of young children shows how we can better nurture their abilities to think and grow.Adults easily recognize children's imagination at work as they play. Yet

  • Trials of Academe


    E-bok, 2009, Engelska, ISBN 9780674263680

    Once upon a time, virtually no one in the academy thought to sue over campus disputes, and, if they dared, judges bounced the case on grounds that it was no business of the courts.

  • Someone Has to Fail


    E-bok, 2012, Engelska, ISBN 9780674265240

    What do we really want from schools? Only everything, in all its contradictions. Most of all, we want access and opportunity for all children-but all possible advantages for our