Papua Nya Guinea

  • Critical Christianity


    E-bok, 2014, Engelska, ISBN 9780520959514

    In Critical Christianity, Courtney Handman analyzes the complex and conflicting forms of sociality that Guhu-Samane Christians of rural Papua New Guinea privilege and celebrate as

  • Biology Unmoored


    E-bok, 2007, Engelska, ISBN 9780520939479

    Biology Unmoored is an engaging examination of what it means to live in a world that is not structured in terms of biological thinking. Drawing upon three years of ethnographic

  • Wayward Women


    E-bok, 2006, Engelska, ISBN 9780520938977

    Written with uncommon grace and clarity, this extremely engaging ethnography analyzes female agency, gendered violence, and transactional sex in contemporary Papua New Guinea.

  • Inalienable Possessions


    E-bok, 1992, Engelska, ISBN 9780520911802

    Inalienable Possessions tests anthropology's traditional assumptions about kinship, economics, power, and gender in an exciting challenge to accepted theories of reciprocity and