• Markets of Dispossession


    klotband, 2005, Engelska, ISBN 9780822335832

    What happens when the market tries to help the poor? In many parts of the world today, neoliberal development programs are offering ordinary people the tools of free enterprise as

  • Native Sons


    pocket, 2006, Engelska, ISBN 9780822337683

    For much of the twentieth century, France recruited colonial subjects from sub-Saharan Africa to serve in its military, sending West African soldiers to fight its battles in

  • Creating Market Socialism

    pocket, 2007, Engelska, ISBN 9780822340362

    In the midst of China’s post-Mao market reforms, the old status hierarchy is collapsing. Who will determine what will take its place? In Creating Market Socialism, the sociologist

  • Subject Lessons


    pocket, 2007, Engelska, ISBN 9780822341055

    Subject Lessons offers a fascinating account of how western knowledge “traveled” to India, changed that which it encountered, and was itself transformed in the process. Beginning