• The Afterlife of Images


    inbunden, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780822340935

    In 1739 China's emperor authorized the publication of a medical text that included images of children with smallpox to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Those

  • Crucible of Conflict


    inbunden, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780822341376

    Crucible of Conflict is an ethnographic and historical study of Hindu castes, matrilineal family structure, popular religious traditions, and ethnic conflict. It is also the first

  • Mexican American Religions

    inbunden, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780822340980

    This collection presents a rich, multidisciplinary inquiry into the role of religion in the Mexican American community. Breaking new ground by analyzing the influence of religion

  • The Guatemala Reader

    inbunden, 2011, Engelska, ISBN 9780822350941

    This reader brings together more than 200 texts and images in a broad introduction to Guatemala's history, culture, and politics. In choosing the selections, the editors sought to

  • Return

    inbunden, 2013, Engelska, ISBN 9780822355168

    Since the late 1990s, Asian nations have increasingly encouraged, facilitated, or demanded the return of emigrants. In this interdisciplinary collection, distinguished scholars

  • Afro Asia

    inbunden, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780822342588

    With contributions from activists, artists, and scholars, Afro Asia is a groundbreaking collection of writing on the historical alliances, cultural connections, and shared

  • The French Atlantic Triangle


    inbunden, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780822341277

    The French slave trade forced more than one million Africans across the Atlantic to the islands of the Caribbean. It enabled France to establish Saint-Domingue, the single richest