• Writing the Lives of Painters


    E-bok, 2011, Engelska, ISBN 9780191616600

    Writing the Lives of Painters explores the development of artists' biographies in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Britain. During this period artists gradually distanced

  • Piero della Francesca


    E-bok, 2014, Engelska, ISBN 9780191625206
    Från 256 kr

    Largely neglected for the four centuries after his death, the fifteenth century Italian artist Piero della Francesca is now seen to embody the fullest expression of the Renaissance

  • Mona Lisa

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    E-bok, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9780191066979
    Från 256 kr

    Read this book and the world's most famous image will never look the same again. For the world's greatest cultural icon still has secrets to reveal - not the silly secrets that the

  • Traces of Vermeer


    E-bok, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9780192506917
    Från 132 kr

    Johannes Vermeer's luminous paintings are loved and admired around the world, yet we do not understand how they were made. We see sunlit spaces; the glimmer of satin, silver, and

  • Portraiture


    E-bok, 2004, Engelska, ISBN 9780191518034

    This fascinating new book explores the world of portraiture from a number of vantage points, and asks key questions about its nature. How has portraiture changed over the

  • Leonardo


    E-bok, 2011, Engelska, ISBN 9780191630798
    Från 173 kr

    This fascinating exploration of Leonardo da Vinci's life and work identifies what it was that made him so unique, and explains the phenomenon of the world's most celebrated