Litteraturvetenskap: skönlitteratur, roman- & prosaförfattare

  • History of the Gothic: Gothic Literature 1825-1914


    häftad, 2009, Engelska, ISBN 9780708320693

    History of the Gothic: Gothic Literature 1825-1914 is a detailed and accessible study of Gothic literature in the nineteenth century. It examines how the themes and tropes

  • Peter Schneider

    häftad, 1995, Engelska, ISBN 9780708312896

    Peter Schneider is a seminal figure in contemporary German writing. Initially prominent for his involvement in the student movement, he has consistently focused on problems at the

  • Y Claf Diglefyd


    häftad, 2011, Welsh, ISBN 9780708324547

    A Welsh adaptation of Jean-Baptiste Molière's play, 'Le Malade Imaginaire' which was first staged in 1673. This Welsh adaptation was first played in Llangefni, Anglesey, in 1969.

  • Jane Williams (Ysgafell)


    häftad, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9781786835635

    Jane Williams (Ysgafell) was a writer with a long and varied list of publications: poetry, fiction, a riposte to the 1847 Blue Books, the 'autobiography' of Betsi Cadwaladr, a

  • History of the Gothic: American Gothic


    häftad, 2009, Engelska, ISBN 9780708320440

    Defining the American gothic tradition both within the context of the major movements of intellectual history over the past three-hundred years, as well as within the issues

  • The Novel, Spirituality and Modern Culture

    häftad, 2000, Engelska, ISBN 9780708315996

    In this collection of essays, which considers the relationship between the novel and spirituality in the cultural setting of the present day, eight novelists draw upon their own

  • The Art of Richard Hughes


    häftad, 1993, Engelska, ISBN 9780708311929

    Richard Hughes (1900-1976) author of "A High Wind in Jamaica, In Hazard "and" The Human Predicament "is widely acknowledged as a popular and successful novelist. This first major

  • Breudwyt Ronabwy

    häftad, 2012, Welsh, ISBN 9780708326183

    A paperback edition of a scholarly edition of a complex Arthurian myth, together with a comprehensive introduction, explanatory notes and detailed glossary. First published in

  • Y Dychymyg Ol-Fodern


    häftad, 2020, Welsh, ISBN 9781786835901

    Cyfrol arbrofol o feirniadaeth greadigol yw hon, sy'n cynnig golwg ffres ar ffuglen fer y llenor nodedig Mihangel Morgan (1955-). Hon yw'r astudiaeth estynedig gyntaf o'i waith, a

  • Embodying Contagion

    häftad, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9781786836908

    OPEN ACCESS From Outbreak to The Walking Dead, apocalyptic narratives of infection, contagion and global pandemic are an inescapable part of twenty-first-century popular culture.