Litteraturvetenskap: skönlitteratur, roman- & prosaförfattare

  • Rhwng Gwyn a Du


    häftad, 2002, Welsh, ISBN 9780708317440

    In this text, the author uses the novels of Robin Llywelyn as a focus for her discussion of the complex relationship between author, reader and society, at the end of the 20th

  • Pennar Davies


    häftad, 2003, Welsh, ISBN 9780708318348

    A biography of Pennar Davies, the poet, novelist, critic, historian and theologian who played a major role in the literary, cultural and religious life of Wales in the second half

  • Daniel Owen


    häftad, 2000, Welsh, ISBN 9780708313411

    A comprehensive biography of Daniel Owen (1836-95), one of the most talented Welsh writers, especially in the context of characters and dialogue. 13 black-and-white illustrations.

  • James Kitchener Davies

    häftad, 2002, Welsh, ISBN 9780708317259

    This work aims at presenting Kitchener Davies as a pioneering, versatile author whose literary output continues to be of value. The selection also contains two introductory essays

  • Y Sêr yn eu Graddau

    häftad, 2000, Welsh, ISBN 9780708315903

    A collection of eleven critical studies discussing various aspects in the development of the Welsh novel during the 1980s and 1990s by eleven scholars of notable acumen.