Litteraturvetenskap: skönlitteratur, roman- & prosaförfattare

  • Histories

    pocket, 2002, Engelska, ISBN 9781853996283

    Book I of the "Histories" provides a particularly good illustration of the discursiveness and diversity of Herodotus' materials and of the ingenuity with which he develops his

  • Pushkin's "Bronze Horseman"


    pocket, 1998, Engelska, ISBN 9781853994449

    From its posthumous publication in 1837, Pushkin's narrative poem, "The Bronze Horseman" has been regarded as a central text in Russian literature. This work considers the history

  • The Poet Lucan


    pocket, 1998, Engelska, ISBN 9781853994883

    Lucan's epic on the Civil War has dodged in and out of fashion. Widely admired in the 17th and 18th centuries, it came in the 19th and 20th to be criticised by comparison with

  • Ostrovsky:"the Storm"


    pocket, 2002, Engelska, ISBN 9781853996542
  • Zamiatin


    pocket, 2000, Engelska, ISBN 9781853993930

    Evgenii Zamiatin's seminal antiutopian satire "We" (written 1920-1) is one of the most celebrated works of twentieth century Russian literature. Set one thousand years in the

  • History of the Peloponnesian War

    pocket, 1999, Engelska, ISBN 9781853995873

    Book VI of Thucydides deals, through its speeches in particular, with Athenian motivation towards sending the great expedition to Sicily, with the attitudes of various factions

  • Elegies


    pocket, 1991, Engelska, ISBN 9780862921484

    W.A. Camps' four-volume edition of Propertius' Elegies was originally published by Cambridge University Press. Books II and III were later reissued by Bristol Classical Press, now

  • How to Survive Under Siege

    pocket, 2002, Engelska, ISBN 9781853996276

    Aineias Tacticus (mid-fourth century BC) is not only the earliest but also one of the most historically interesting of ancient military writers. Important, too, as a social

  • Homeric Grammar


    pocket, 1998, Engelska, ISBN 9781853995804

    In 1882, D.B. Munro wrote that "a new Grammar of the Homeric dialect is sorely wanted". Monro's 2nd edition (1891), long out of print, is presented here in full, providing a

  • Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin"


    pocket, 1998, Engelska, ISBN 9781853994739

    One of Pushkin's most famous works, "Eugene Onegin" has been called an "enclyclopaedia of Russian life", a definition which suggests the mass of ideas, impressions, thoughts and