• The Histories


    storpocket, 2003, Engelska, ISBN 9780140449082

    'The first example of non-fiction, the text that underlies the entire discipline of history ... it is above all a treasure trove' Tom HollandOne of the masterpieces of classical

  • Wide Sargasso Sea


    storpocket, 2000, Engelska, ISBN 9780141182858

    One of the BBC's '100 Novels That Shaped Our World''Rhys took one of the works of genius of the 19th Century and turned it inside-out to create one of the works of genius of the

  • Faust, Part I


    storpocket, 2005, Engelska, ISBN 9780140449013

    Goethe's Faust reworks the late-medieval myth of Dr Faust, a brilliant scholar so disillusioned he resolves to make a contract or wager with the devil, Mephistopheles. The devil

  • The Vinland Sagas


    storpocket, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780140447767

    The Saga of the Greenlanders and Eirik the Red's Saga contain the first ever descriptions of North America, a bountiful land of grapes and vines, discovered by Vikings five

  • Nicholas Nickleby


    storpocket, 1999, Engelska, ISBN 9780140435122

    'A revelation ... as well as being sympathetic to the plight of children, it is hilarious' A. N. WilsonThe hero of Dickens's flamboyantly exuberant novel, Nicholas Nickleby, is

  • Intratextuality and Latin Literature

    storpocket, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9783110710182

    Recent years have witnessed an increased interest in classical studies in the ways meaning is generated through the medium of intertextuality, namely how different texts of the

  • The Brontesaurus


    storpocket, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9781785782596

    Did Charlotte Bronte take opium? Did the Reverend Bronte carry a loaded pistol? What, precisely, does 'wuthering' mean?Distinguished literary critic John Sutherland takes an

  • Dream Story


    storpocket, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9780241372630

    The scandalous erotic novella of infidelity, transgression and decadence in early twentieth-century ViennaA married couple are first disturbed and then achieve a new depth of

  • Mark Ravenhill


    storpocket, 2007, Engelska, ISBN 9780415375115

    Mark Ravenhill is the first book to provide a detailed analysis of the work of arguably the most important dramatist to have emerged from the British theatre over the past twenty

  • Vocative!

    storpocket, 2016, Engelska, ISBN 9783110485356

    TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS is a series of books that open new perspectives in our understanding of language. The series publishes state-of-the-art work on core areas of linguistics