• The Confessions


    häftad, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780199537822

    In this new translation the brilliant and impassioned descriptions of Augustine's colourful early life are conveyed to the English reader with accuracy and art. Augustine tells of

  • Grace Abounding


    häftad, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780199554980

    `I evidently saw that unless the great God of his infinite grace and bounty, had voluntarily chosen me to be a vessel of mercy, though I should desire, and long, and labour until

  • The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner


    häftad, 2010, Engelska, ISBN 9780199217953

    'We have heard much of the rage of fanaticism in former days, but nothing to this'A wretched young man, 'an outcast in the world', tells the story of his upbringing by a heretical

  • On Christian Teaching


    häftad, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780199540631

    `There are certain rules for interpreting the scriptures which, as I am well aware, can usefully be passed on to those with an appetite for such study...' On Christian Teaching is