Konst- & designstilar: minimalism

  • Minimal Art

    häftad, 1995, Engelska, ISBN 9780520201477

    Here with a new introduction and updated bibliography, is the definitive collection of writings by and about the work of the 1960s minimalists, generously illustrated with

  • Mary Kelly


    häftad, 1997, Engelska, ISBN 9780714836614

    Among the most influential feminist artists working today, Mary Kelly (b.1941) first came to prominence as a Conceptual artist in 1976 with the controversial Post Partum Document

  • Conceptual Art


    häftad, 1997, Engelska, ISBN 9780714833880

    What is art? Must it be a unique, saleable luxury item? Can it be a concept that never takes material form? Or an idea for a work that can be repeated endlessly? Conceptual art

  • Subject of Minimalism


    E-bok, 2013, Engelska, ISBN 9781137341020

    Utilizing a wide range of theoretical and creative texts, Phillips offers an examination of subjectivity as considered, enacted, and embodied, through the frame of minimalist

  • Aspects


    E-bok, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9780226408064

    Stretching lengths of yarn across interior spaces, American artist Fred Sandback (1943-2003) created expansive works that underscore the physical presence of the viewer. This book,

  • Robert Mangold


    häftad, 2004, Engelska, ISBN 9780714844480

    Robert Mangold is a pre-eminent figure in post-war painting. His large, gently curving paintings are among the most majestically beautiful abstract works of the late twentieth and

  • Minimum


    inbunden, 1998, Engelska, ISBN 9780714838175

    This extraordinary visual essay explores the notion of 'minimum', a concept that is rooted in the pursuit of simplicity, as applied to architecture, art and design; it is the

  • Jennifer Bartlett


    inbunden, 2006, Engelska, ISBN 9780300117714

    In 1968 artist Jennifer Bartlett (b. 1941) began painting in what would become her celebrated and trademark style--colored dots on gridded steel plates and canvas. Focusing on the

  • Simplicity: The Appeal of Minimalism in Graphic Design


    häftad, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9788417412715

    Minimalism emphasizes extreme simplicity of form. By reducing the number of graphic elements, the strength of each element is enhanced. Or, as Mies van der Rohe famously said,

  • Minimalism

    häftad, 2010, Engelska, ISBN 9780714856537

    A beautifully illustrated book, internationally recognized as the definitive survey of Minimalism.