Judendom: mysticism

  • Shamati (Jag horde)


    häftad, 2015, Svenska, ISBN 9781772280043

    "Bland alla de texter och anteckningar som min l rare, Rabbi Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag (Rabash) anv nde sig av, fanns det en speciell anteckningsbok som han alltid bar med sig. I

  • Return to the Place


    pocket, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9781934730065

    Rabbi Jill Hammer has taken ancient Jewish mystical text and transformed it into a contemporary guide for meditative practice. In Return to the Place, Rabbi Hammer guides the

  • The 72 Sigils of Power

    pocket, 2015, Engelska, ISBN 9781517199463

    Could this be the ultimate key to unlocking your magical life?Discover two types of effective magic. One creates an inner power, and the other changes the world around you.This is

  • Kabbalah


    häftad, 2006, Engelska, ISBN 9780742543645
    Från 396 kr

    Kabbalah: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism is a clear, accessible 'primer' and introduction to the major teachings of the Jewish mystics, to various dominant forms of Jewish

  • Understanding the Mysteries of Kabbalah


    häftad, 2012, Engelska, ISBN 9781780191973

    This title offers concise and practical insight into the foundations of Kabbalah and explores how it aims to deepen our connection with the universe and contribute to the search

  • The Sworn Book of Honorius


    inbunden, 2016, Engelska, ISBN 9780892542154

    As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings, such as the

  • Origins of the Kabbalah

    av ,

    pocket, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9780691182988

    With the publication of The Origins of the Kabbalah in 1950, one of the most important scholars of our century brought the obscure world of Jewish mysticism to a wider audience for

  • The Zohar


    inbunden, 2009, Engelska, ISBN 9781897448090

    "The Book of Zohar" (The Book of Radiance) is an ageless source of wisdom and the basis for all Kabbalistic literature. Since its appearance nearly 2,000 years ago, it has been the

  • The Mystical Qabalah


    häftad, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9781946963154

    Facsimile of the 1935 Edition. The Qabalah is the traditional mystical system of Israel. It also forms the basis of medieval magic. This title deals with the work of the modern

  • The Kabbalistic Tradition


    pocket, 2008, Engelska, ISBN 9780140437997

    ‘The Torah is both hidden and revealed … there is a secret meaning to the holy Torah that is not written down explicitly or explained in it’ This selection offers a comprehensive