Hydrologi & hydrosfären

  • Building Natural Ponds


    häftad, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9780865718456

    Build a natural pond for wildlife, beauty, and quiet contemplation Typical backyard ponds are a complicated mess of pipes, pumps, filters, and nasty chemicals designed to adjust

  • The Science of the Ocean


    inbunden, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9780241415252

    Dive into this uniquely elegant visual exploration of the sea An informative and utterly beautiful introduction to marine life and the ocean environment, The Science of the Ocean

  • Exam Ref MD-100 Windows 10


    häftad, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9780135560594

    Prepare for Microsoft Exam MD-100: Windows 10-and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of skills and knowledge required to deploy, configure, secure, manage, and monitor

  • The Perfect Storm


    pocket, 2009, Engelska, ISBN 9780393337013

    It was the storm of the century, boasting waves over one hundred feet high a tempest created by so rare a combination of factors that meteorologists deemed it "the perfect storm."

  • The Oceans


    häftad, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9780691202648

    The 4.4-billion-year history of the oceans and their role in Earth's climate systemIt has often been said that we know more about the moon than we do about our own oceans. In fact,

  • Fourth Phase of Water


    häftad, 2013, Engelska, ISBN 9780962689543

    What mysteries lurk in the depths of a glass of water? What makes the wispy clouds of vapour rising from your cup of hot coffee? Or the puffy white clouds hovering in the sky? Why

  • Windows Server 2019 Inside Out


    häftad, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9780135492277

    Conquer Windows Server 2019-from the inside out! Dive into Windows Server 2019-and really put your Windows Serverexpertise to work. Focusing on Windows Server 2019's most powerful

  • Understanding Hydraulics


    häftad, 2011, Engelska, ISBN 9780230242753

    Covering all the fundamental topics in hydraulics and hydrology, this textbook is an accessible, thorough and trusted introduction to the subject. The text builds confidence by

  • Exam Ref MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security


    häftad, 2019, Engelska, ISBN 9780135574898

    Prepare for Microsoft Exam MS-101-and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of skills and knowledge needed to manage Microsoft 365 mobility, security, and related administration

  • The Edge of the Sea


    häftad, 1999, Engelska, ISBN 9780395924969

    "The edge of the sea is a strange and beautiful place." A book to be read for pleasure as well as a practical identification guide, The Edge of the Sea introduces a world of