• The Question Of Latin


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726666458

    "The Question of Latin" follows the narrator and his memories of the olden days, when Father Piquedent used to teach him Latin. The two become friends, but soon the teacher reveals

  • The Kiss


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726666304

    When a young girl gets her heart broken, her beloved aunt embarks on an exploration of the art of kissing. The aunt explains in a series of letters that all of the misfortunes that

  • The Hand


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726666342

    Sir John Rowell's death is shrouded in mystery, and the judge who narrates his story essentially turns it into a scary campfire story. Elements of hunting, sea voyaging, and

  • The Mask


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726666588

    Everything is going wonderfully at the Montmartre costume ball - the music, the atmosphere, and the food are all perfect. Until one of the lead dancers jumps into the crowd and

  • The Love of Long Ago


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726666564

    An elderly, aristocratic woman lives lavishly in a mansion with her beloved granddaughter. One morning her granddaughter reads her an article from the morning paper about several

  • Madame Bovary


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726611953

    "Madam Bovary" is Gustave Flaubert’s debut novel and traces the life of the beautiful Emma Bovary, caught in the vicious circle of banality and boredom. Married to a simple man,

  • As You Like It


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726607048

    The death of their father leaves Oliver and Orlando at odds. Oliver inherits everything and out of spite forces his younger brother to live in poverty by denying him his

  • The Horrible


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726666311

    Dinner party conversation does not tend to include mysterious drownings which cost multiple people their lives. It is bound to turn even sourer when one attendee takes it upon

  • The Farmer's Wife


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726666618

    On their trip to a Norman hunting ground, our narrator and Baron Rene du Treilles encounter a local farmer. His apparent devotion to the baron shocks the narrator. As they retire

  • The Grave


    E-bok, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9788726666649

    Graveyards are the calmest places on Earth – for the living and the dead. The Besiers cemetery is no exception. Until the keeper finds a young man digging up the grave of a