Efterkrigstidens historia under 1900-talet: ca 1945 – ca 2000

  • Morocco under King Hassan


    E-bok, 2001, Engelska, ISBN 9780863725524

    Written by a foreign correspondent resident in Morocco since 1952, "e;Morocco under King Hassan"e; is an impartial chronicle of all the major events in the North African

  • Outright Assassination


    E-bok, 2010, Engelska, ISBN 9780863725333

    No other political trial in Lebanon and, indeed, the Arab World has been more controversial than the trial and execution of Antun Sa'adeh just before sunrise on July 8, 1949. The

  • Might Over Right


    E-bok, 2009, Engelska, ISBN 9781859643525

    "e;Might Over Right"e; provides a critical account of one of the most remarkable stories in the twenty century's history of international relations - the history of how in

  • North Korea


    E-bok, 2009, Engelska, ISBN 9781859649961

    The tumultuous past of the world's most secretive nation is revealed in this unique photographic collection. North Korea has been described as 'the land that never changes'. But

  • Peacemaking


    E-bok, 2014, Engelska, ISBN 9780863720116

    After half a century of animosity and wars, Jordan and Israel succeeded in reaching a peace treaty through bilateral negotiations under the Middle East peace process that was

  • What did we do to deserve this?


    E-bok, 2007, Engelska, ISBN 9781859649978

    This book gives an up-to-date account of the life of Palestinians in the West Bank in its fortieth year of occupation by Israel. Based around photographs of, and interviews with,

  • Yemen into the Twenty-First Century


    E-bok, 2007, Engelska, ISBN 9780863724695

    In 1990 the Yemen Arab Republic and the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen united to form the Republic of Yemen. The following decade was marked by the political process of

  • Development of Trans-Jordan 1929-1939, The


    E-bok, 2004, Engelska, ISBN 9780863724770

    Very little has been written about the history of Trans-Jordan between 1929-39, a decade of importance in the history of its struggle for independence and sovereignty, its progress