• Karel de Krab vindt een schat

    pocket, 2021, Nederländska, ISBN 9789523251625

    Colin the Crab has many special friends at his home in the river bay. It's hard to imagine anyone more beautiful than Sally the Starfish or more successful than Eddie the Eel. Ms.

  • De Geneeskat

    pocket, 2019, Nederländska, ISBN 9789523570924

    Celesse, the healer cat, is a highly respected member of the neighborhood. As the mistress's favorite cat, she spends lazy days in the warmth of the house. One snowy night a mother

  • De Zorgzame Krab (Dutch Edition of "The Caring Crab")

    pocket, 2021, Nederländska, ISBN 9789523259591

    Colin the Crab, the most skillful builder on the eastern riverbank, never hesitates to help his friends. Now Colin is busy with his own new project-a garden pavilion for his home.