• Running IPv6


    inbunden, 2005, Engelska, ISBN 9781590595275

    * Covers IPv6 on Windows XP, MacOS X, FreeBSD, and Linux. * It is on the cusp of the next Internet breakthrough. Network administrators will have to accommodate this technology

  • Expert Network Time Protocol


    inbunden, 2005, Engelska, ISBN 9781590594841

    Have you ever tried to figure out why your computer clock is off, or why your emails somehow have the wrong timestamp? Most likely, it’s due to an incorrect network time

  • WiMax Operator's Manual


    inbunden, 2005, Engelska, ISBN 9781590595749

    * This timely new edition covers technological changes to broadband wireless access, including competing standards to WiMax, mobile entertainment, and new data backup systems. *