Dating, relationer, samlevnad & äktenskap

  • Surrender, Submit, Serve Her.

    pocket, 2016, Engelska, ISBN 9781520203263

    What is 'Female Leadership'? It's accepting that 'She knows best' in all matters. From the finances to the household to how things get done. It's trusting in her judgement to run

  • Sua Vida em Meus Sonhos


    pocket, 2018, Portugisiska, ISBN 9781976973352

    Como seria sua vida a partir de um trauma? Voc seria capaz de apagar isso da sua mente?Juliano se ver num processo psicol gico e ps quico de enfrentamento de algo que ocorreu em

  • Test-I'm-on-y?

    pocket, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9781718057241

    She was in a previous seemingly, "God-ordained marriage that ended in divorce. Why? How he KNEW Cynthia was his wife. Journey with the authors as they share amazing exploits of

  • The Mysterious Woman

    pocket, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9781077081871

    The romantic novels Edith reads makes it look so simple to find true love. Who could imagine this book loving introvert meeting a handsome FBI agent? Even more amazing is what

  • Debajo de tu piel

    pocket, 2017, Spanska, ISBN 9781521758380

    Imprescindible colecci n de poemas que abren nuevos caminos en el universo eterno de las emociones. Un recorrido maravilloso por los diferentes estados del coraz n. Bienvenidos a

  • Feelings I

    pocket, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9781976931246

    Refreshing, creative, and heartfelt, Feelings I, travels through the heart and mind of a young woman's journey through passion, lust, respect, challenge, and forbidden love. Find

  • Looking For Love

    pocket, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9781521825273

    If you have ever asked the questions, "What do I do with the hurt? How do I forgive? How do I handle the loneliness? Will I ever be able to really love and be loved again?" This

  • Attract Women

    pocket, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9781720005605

    ATTRACT YOUR DREAM GIRLS ★★★★★Imagine you have the super-power to grab a woman's heart in your hand to do exactly what you please with it.Imagine you possess the ultimate seduction

  • Manifesting Love


    pocket, 2017, Engelska, ISBN 9781521533550

    This book includes 250 affirmations for manifesting love AND it includes a number of visualization scripts and success stories that will empower you to manifest your soul mate If

  • A Melancolia da Alegria

    pocket, 2018, Portugisiska, ISBN 9781983283970

    Um livro dedicado ao leitor, para todo aquele que gosta de amor, de romance, de drama e fic o/fantasia.Onde se retratam acontecimentos de duas personagens principais (com diversas