• The Power of Institutions

    inbunden, 2002, Engelska, ISBN 9780801440519

    Conventional wisdom holds that "institutions matter." Here, Andrew MacIntyre reveals exactly how they matter in the developing world. Combining an eye for current concerns in

  • The Choice for Europe


    inbunden, 1998, Engelska, ISBN 9780801435096
  • The Developmental State

    inbunden, 1999, Engelska, ISBN 9780801435850

    Developmental state, n.: the government, motivated by desire for economic advancement, intervenes in industrial affairs.The notion of the developmental state has come under attack

  • Governments, Markets, and Growth


    inbunden, 1983, Engelska, ISBN 9780801415975

    The deterioration in the economic performance of the advanced industrial democracies during the 1970s has provoked an intense debate about the role of government in economic

  • Who Elected the Bankers?


    inbunden, 1997, Engelska, ISBN 9780801433221

    A former banker and staff member of the International Monetary Fund, Louis W. Pauly explains why people are deeply concerned about the emergence of a global economy and the

  • Land and Loyalty


    inbunden, 2012, Engelska, ISBN 9780801450815

    Domestic and international development strategies often focus on private ownership as a crucial anchor for long-term investment; the security of property rights provides a

  • Remapping East Asia

    inbunden, 2004, Engelska, ISBN 9780801442766

    An overarching ambiguity characterizes East Asia today. The region has at least a century-long history of internal divisiveness, war, and conflict, and it remains the site of

  • Havens in a Storm


    inbunden, 2006, Engelska, ISBN 9780801445040

    Small states have learned in recent decades that capital accumulates where taxes are low; as a result, tax havens have increasingly competed for the attention of international

  • The End of Diversity?

    inbunden, 2003, Engelska, ISBN 9780801440885

    After the devastation of World War II, Germany and Japan built national capitalist institutions that were remarkably successful in terms of national reconstruction and

  • The Social Sources of Financial Power


    inbunden, 2006, Engelska, ISBN 9780801443800

    A state's financial power is built on the effect its credit, property, and tax policies have on ordinary people: this is the key message of Leonard Seabrooke's comparative