• Feminist City


    inbunden, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9781788739818

    Feminist City is an ongoing experiment in living differently, living better, and living more justly in an urban world.We live in the city of men. Our public spaces are not designed

  • The Case for the Green New Deal


    häftad, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9781788739528

    n 2008, the first Green New Deal was devised by Pettifor and a group of English economist and thinkers, but was ignored within the tumults of the financial crash. A decade later,

  • Morbid Symptoms


    inbunden, 2021, Engelska, ISBN 9781839761454

    The deadly coronavirus spread across societies already riddled with political ills: rampant xenophobia and corruption, privatisation run amok, Brexiteer vainglory of 'a global

  • This is Not Normal


    inbunden, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9781839760907

    Since 2016, the UK has been in a crisis of its own making: but this is not the fault of Brexit but of a larger problem of our politics. The status of political parties, the

  • The ABCs of Socialism

    häftad, 2016, Engelska, ISBN 9781784787264

    The remarkable run of self-proclaimed "democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders for president of the United States has prompted-for the first time in decades and to the shock of many-a

  • Feminist City


    E-bok, 2020, Engelska, ISBN 9781788739849
  • Carbon Democracy


    häftad, 2013, Engelska, ISBN 9781781681169

    Oil is a curse, it is often said, that condemns the countries producing it to an existence defined by war, corruption and enormous inequality. Carbon Democracy tells a more complex

  • The Production of Money


    häftad, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9781786631350

    According to leading economist Ann Pettifor, one of the few people to predict the 2008 financial crisis, money is not a commodity but a promise. This radical reconsideration of the

  • Collected Works


    häftad, 2018, Engelska, ISBN 9781786636317

    Among the most influential political and social forces of the twentieth century, modern communism rests firmly on philosophical, political, and economic underpinnings developed by

  • United States Hegemony Under Siege


    häftad, 1990, Engelska, ISBN 9780860919957

    From Menem's new Thatcherite experiment in Argentina, through Fujimori's unexpected victory in Peru, to Collor's near defeat at the hands of the rapidly growing Workers' Party of