• Reading in the Great War, 1914-1916


    E-bok, 2016, Engelska, ISBN 9781473865891

    How the experience of war impacted on the town, from the initial enthusiasm for sorting out the German kaiser in time for Christmas 1914, to the gradual realization of the enormity

  • Reading Book of Days


    E-bok, 2013, Engelska, ISBN 9780750951739

    Taking you through the year day by day, The Reading Book of Days contains a quirky, eccentric, amusing or important event or fact from different periods of history, many of which

  • Wessex Aviation Industry


    E-bok, 2011, Engelska, ISBN 9781445624365

    Wessex - for our purposes Dorset and Wiltshire, along with the western parts of Hampshire and Berkshire - has been part of Britain's aviation industry for over a hundred years.

  • Common Ground


    E-bok, 2006, Engelska, ISBN 9780857711526

    When a small group of women set out to march to Greenham one summer day at the end of August 1981, none of them could have imagined that this outing would change their lives

  • Berkshire Murders


    E-bok, 2012, Engelska, ISBN 9780752484013

    Berkshire Murders is an examination of some of the county's most notorious and shocking cases. They include Hannah Carey, beaten to death by her husband at Warfield in 1851; young

  • Cold War Warriors


    E-bok, 1998, Engelska, ISBN 9781783833931
    Från 122 kr

    With over four years research, the author draws upon the regimental archives and journals, anecdotes, personal and official diaries, and a wide range of other documents and

  • Berkshire Folk Tales

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    E-bok, 2013, Engelska, ISBN 9780752492889

    This collection, inspired by the folklore of the Royal County, contains a plethora of tales robustly retold for a contemporary audience. The exploits of well-known figures such as

  • Secret Bracknell


    E-bok, 2016, Engelska, ISBN 9781445651439

    Bracknell was developed as a 'new town' in 1949, but the area had been evolving since Saxon times. A royal charter from AD 942 mentions 'Bracken Head' and a local comprehensive

  • Reading in the 1950s


    E-bok, 2013, Engelska, ISBN 9780752497198

    In Reading: The 1950s Stuart Hylton gives a fascinating account of the town and its people during a decade of rapid and memorable change. The story begins in the drab atmosphere of

  • Reading in 50 Buildings


    E-bok, 2016, Engelska, ISBN 9781445659350

    From Victorian manufacturing town, famous for the 'three Bs' - beer, bulbs and biscuits - to its current status as a major centre for service industries and cutting-edge