• Tarot of the Sweet Twilight


    övrigt, 2009, Spanska, ISBN 9780738718545

    Whispers of twilight twist in the corners of your soul. Surreal images surprise your mind. Colors and curves delight your eyes. Bittersweet beauty stirs your heart. You change,

  • Universal Goddess Tarot


    övrigt, 2006, Spanska, ISBN 9780738710068

    Mother, wife, warrior, witch-the divine feminine figure has multiple voices and forms. Each goddess represents an aspect of woman, nature, and the Divine. Use this exquisite deck

  • Manga Tarot


    övrigt, 2006, Spanska, ISBN 9780738710051

    The Boundary-Busting Tarot with an Asian Flair One of the most popular modern styles of art, important from Japan, is known as manga. It grew up on Asian comic books and features

  • Celtic Tarot


    övrigt, 2000, Spanska, ISBN 9780738700137

    Celtic myth and legend, like the Tarot itself, come from a luminous space and provide us with a portal, connecting our everyday lives with the spiritual world. The Celtic Tarots, a

  • Loscarabeo Tarot

    av ,

    övrigt, 2007, Spanska, ISBN 9780738712291

    For the first time, three tarot traditions--the Marseille, the Waite-Smith, and the Crowley-Harris--have been combined into one deck This dynamic blend offers themes and symbols

  • Afro Brazilian Tarot


    övrigt, 2006, Spanska, ISBN 9780738709604

    Orishas, the divinities and myths from an ancient magic, are deftly infused with tarot archtypes, opening a channel towards these natural forces. A unique blend of tarot and

  • Tarot of the Angels


    övrigt, 2008, Spanska, ISBN 9780738712918

    Hailed as divine messengers, angels offer help with healing, protection, abundance, and personal guidance. This angel-inspired deck will transport you to a higher dimension where

  • Dame Fortune's Wheel Tarot


    övrigt, 2009, Spanska, ISBN 9780738715292

    Paul Huson, the author of Mystical Origins of the Tarot, has tracked down the true origins of tarot's esoteric symbols and images. Dame Fortune's Wheel Tarot is the companion deck

  • Tarot Art Nouveau Deck


    häftad, 2000, Spanska, ISBN 9780738700083

    These cards are alive with movement--the delicate curves, the sweeping lines, the bright yet gentle color--all serve to draw the mind around and into the pictures. Taken together

  • China Tarot


    övrigt, 2007, Spanska, ISBN 9780738710587

    An Eastern anthem to the beauty of the soul, this stunning collection of delicate images speaks of the magic and poetry of China. Infinite shades of emotion--joy, melancholy, love,