• Dadda Darshan

    pocket, 2021, Hindi, ISBN 9781639047925

    Central India, Pt. was the only householder of the entire year of India. Pt. Devprabhakar Shastri "Dadda ji" was from a very common family. After getting up from the head of his

  • Janam Aur Punarjanam

    pocket, 2021, Hindi, ISBN 9781638505341
  • Unlock Pending Karma and Its Correction

    pocket, 2021, Hindi, ISBN 9781685096755

    Unlock Pending Karma and Its Correction is the first of its kind and is about decoding horoscope through a philosophical background of mythology with a unique amalgamation of

  • Jeevan Main Viprit Ka Niyam

    pocket, 2021, Hindi, ISBN 9781638736752

    It is not a surprising fact that a person cries after being born, but a man dies weeping. This is a surprising fact. Sorrow begins due to birth, it is natural to cry. But death is