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Welcome to the largest bookstore in the Nordic countries!

  • Quick deliveries (your package usually ships from us within 2-5 business days)
  • Free shipping for consumers if you buy for 299 NOK or more
  • More than 10 million titles in our selection
  • A full range of textbooks, non-fiction and fiction in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German and English

Please note that adlibris.com can only ship to addresses in Norway. To have books shipped to Sweden or Finland please visit Finnish Adlibris or Swedish Adlibris.

* Please observe that we currently do not offer deliveries outside these countries.

How to Shop

You can place your order on our website in six easy steps. You will find an explanation of each step below.

  1. Find the books you want
  2. Add the books to your shopping cart
  3. Proceed to checkout
  4. Sign in or register as a new customer
  5. Your order, freight and shipping address
  6. Confirmation, payment and editing

Finding the Books You Want

You can search for books by title, author, or ISBN in the search box situated at the top of our website. Click Søk or press enter to start your search.

Search result

The message Søket ditt gav Ingen treff, meens there are no search results. Please try again. The book is available if it has a red button with a price and a shopping cart next to it. The item's delivery time is marked next to the red button (with the price and shopping cart) with the text Sendes i løpet av 1 2 virkedager, referring to the book's handling time in business days. If the button with the price and the shopping cart is green it means that it is an mp3 or E-book that you download from your digital library Digitalt bibliotek.


Books are published in different formats. The most common formats are:

  • Hardcover (Innbundet): usually hard covers and sewed binding, but could also have a softer cover.
  • Hardcover (Kartonert): hard covers, glued simpler binding
  • Paperback (Heftet): soft covers, usually glued binding
  • Paperback (Pocket): soft covers, smaller format and glued binding.
  • Excess: mini (8x11cm) hardcover with sideways-printed text in normal font size.
  • Audio cassette (Kassettbok): a book recorded on cassette tapes.
  • Cd-bok: a book recorded on CDs.
  • E-book: an electronic book that you download to your computer, e-book reader or to an app on your mobile device.
  • MP3 for nedlastning: an electronic audio book that you download to your computer, mp3 player or to an app on your mobile device.
  • MP3 på CD: an electronic audio book in MP3 format that is delivered on a CD. You transfer the files from the CD to your computer. You can also play the CD in a CD- player as long as it supports the MP3 format.
  • Øvrig is other formats

Add Books to Your Shopping Cart

When you have found the book you want, you add it to your shopping cart by clicking the red button next to it, containing the price and the image of a shopping cart. If you wish to view the content of your shopping cart click on the white shopping cart on your right hand side at the top of the page. Edit by changing the quantity of the items in the white box, to remove an item simply click on the X next to the item you wish to remove.

Proceed to Checkout

When you have added the books you want to your shopping cart, you proceed to the checkout by clicking the green button Til kassen.

Sign in or Register as a New Customer

If you have placed an order previously, enter your username (brukernavn) and password (password) to sign in.

If you are a new customer register your details as a consumer by clicking For privatperson. Opprett konto for privatperson: fill in a valid e-mailadress E-postadresse and a password (Passord), repeat your password in the box below. Press the red button Registrer.

You will now proceed straight to the checkout.

Your Order, Freight and Shipping address

View your order under section 1 – MIN BESTILLING. Here you can easily change the quantity in the white boxes or simply remove the item or items by clicking on the X next to it.

Under section 2 – VELG LEVERING OG FRAKTMÅTE you can choose between the below listed shipping options.

  • The shippingcost is 39 NOK. If your order exceeds 299 NOK we will ship your order free of charge. Usually it takes two to three business days to reach you after the package has been shipped. We will send the package to your local postoffice post i butikk.

Proceed to section 3 – AVSLUTT BESTILLINGEN.

You have now reached Klarna check out. You will be asked to state your postal code postnummer, press continue Forsett to move to the next step.

You might be asked to state your Norwegian social security number Fødselsnummer, you will need to state it if you want a purchase that you pay by invoice. You can choose not to state your Fødselsnummer by simply clicking the link below Jeg ønsker ikke å oppgi fødselsnummer. Now you will only be able to pay for your purchase by credit card or direct debit.

Klarna checkout might ask you for the following information under the heading address Adresse. Your given name Fornavn, family name Etternavn, street address Adresse and your cell phone number mobil-/telefonr. If you don’t state your cell phone number your notification will be sent to your stated email address on the account you are logged in to.

Confirmation, Payment and Editing

If you are ready to confirm your order, you can now press the button Fullfør kjøp. The order has now been sent to us.

On your screen you will now see Takk for ditt kjøp and underneath information regarding your order information, shipping info and notification info. If you have stated your Fødselsnummer the purchase has been against an invoice which will be stated on your order confirmation (ordrebekreftelse).

At this stage you will be able to edit your order. If you have any questions at this point don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

On your left hand side you can change your payment method to pay by credit card Kort: Mastercard eller Visa, direct debit Direktebetaling via nettbank.

To Edit Your Order

Add At the moment since this is a website under construction, you cannot add any item to your order. If you want an additional item we recommend that you place a new order via our website.

Cancel You can cancel an entire order in your account, press the white figure head on your right hand side up on the top of our website. Choose Bestillinger and click on the button Avbestill to cancel your order.

If you want to cancel a partial order you need to contact our customer service via email or phone.

If the order already has been packed and or shipped you always have purchase on approval for 14 days after receiving the item. If you wish to return a book please contact customer service.

To Cancel When you Have Paid by Credit Card or direct debit If you have paid for your purchase by credit card or direct debit, Klarna our Invoice handler will return the sum for the cancelled order to your account, usually within a couple of bank days.

To Edit Address Information

When the order has already been placed on our website Contact us as soon as possible via e-mail and we will hopefully be able to change the address in time before the package is sent.

For future orders When you arrive at the Klarna checkout, you simply type in a different delivery address under STEG 3 - AVSLUTT BESTILLINGEN.

Information about Delivery Time

The handling time of your order is calculated based on the number of business days it usually takes for us to receive the titles from the suppliers who stock the books and from whom we order the books we need on a daily basis. The expected delivery time for each title is stated on the book details. If you order a book that is expected to be shipped within 1-2 business days and a book that will be shipped within 2-5 business days, the whole order will be shipped from us within 2 -5 business days.

The expected handling time for the order will be stated at the checkout before you confirm the order and you need to add the shipping time marked on different shipping options to calculate when you will receive your order.

Please note that deliveries to some parts of Northern Norway and Svalbard may take a couple of business day longer than to other parts of Norway.

Since the handling time is estimated and unexpected delays may occur, we can never guarantee that the books will be shipped within a certain number of business days.


Different Editions A title can be available in several different editions. To be able to find all the editions we have in our database, the best way is to search by title. If you have an ISBN you will only get a match for that specific edition, and there may be newer editions available. In most cases you will find information about when a book was published on the product page for the book.

How to register as a Student

Register as a student customer with adlibris.com and get special offers!

  1. Go to our student page
  2. Sign in or register a new account
  3. Click Register as a student Registrer to finish the registration.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service!

E-mail: kundeservice@adlibris.com