Windy City Blues e-bokEngelsk, 2015


In the vein of Robert Crais's fast-paced novels, Marc Krulewitch's new Jules Landau mystery tells the action-packed tale of the private eye trying to keep his hands clean as he digs through Chicago's dirtiest secrets. Jules Landau feels right at home in the ethnic stew of the Windy City, where he's indebted to the hopes and schemes of his criminal ancestors. Street-smart and college-educated, Jules wants nothing more than to go straight and atone for his family's past. But when he investigates a horrific killing, Jules uncovers a hidden world of lucrative corruption. Jack Gelashvili had his head bashed in and no one knows why. The most obvious answer is that he was a parking cop, a universally loathed jobespecially in Chicago. Turns out there's a lot of money to be made on expired meters, and when Jules starts making noise, he starts making enemiesfrom the head of a media empire to the mastermind of a prostitution ring. When rumors of bloodthirsty Mob connections arise, Jack's gorgeous cousin Tamar objects, and Jules is increasingly swayed by the logic and charms of the sexy baker. Following this beautiful woman into the cloistered world of Georgian immigrants, Jules brings his hunches, his family connections, and his gun. But he's just one man against a pack of criminals with a million reasons to shoot first.Praise for Windy City Blues ';I am so glad to have found Marc Krulewitch and am looking forward to the next book in this series.'Vic's Media Room ';I have only visited Chicago a few times, but both times that I finished Marc Krulewitch's books I have wanted to make a return trip to see the things he describes in his books. I could feel the grittiness of the city and the neighborhoods that Jules Landau ends up in.'Kritter's Ramblings ';Filled with colorful characters, adult dialogue and plenty of action, this story grabbed my attention from the very first page and never let go. Fans of crime thrillers and mysteries alike will enjoy sinking their teeth into this series.'Queen of All She Reads ';Thanks to the descriptions, I could experience what the characters did, like I was an observer in the story. I love that in a bookwhen I can be in on the action instead of merely watching it. It's great to visit a city through the eyes of a once long-term resident.'Back Porchervations ';Keeps you thrilled and reading on until the very last page.'Rhodes Review Previously published as Scofflaw Blues