White & Proud e-bokEngelsk, 2011


White and Proud is a hard-hitting mediation demonstrating how advanced behaviors are labeled as cultural acts. Through a collection of anecdote , "e;White and Proud"e; draws attention to a very real problem of race, stereotyping and social acceptance as an individual. This thoughtfully inspiring, yet true story though told with humor and candor unveils the painful legacy that social expectations leave on everyone. "e;White"e; is a metaphor for individuality - whether it vibrant, subtle or outrageous and proud is an symbol of self confidence and acceptance. White and Proud is articulate and presents an interesting perspective on the important topic of "e;acting white."e; Brye appropriately uses a series of stories to tell her story. This approach, shows various angles and makes the subject easy to relate to. When you stumble upon the "e;Black Laws"e; you will clearly see society's cruelty when we do not conform to its expectations. However, when you see P.O.I.S.E. (Principles of Individuality and Self Endurance you discover a tool of empowerment so that you can learn to expect to be accepted for who you are and how to respect rather than ridicule individuality. Although short and sweet, the message in this biography is sure to last a lifetime - embrace diversity!