Wesker's Love Plays e-bokEngelsk, 2017


Spanning three decades of impassioned and inspiring work, the three plays in this volume show in cross-section Arnold Wesker's vdevelopment as one of the key figures of late twentieth-century drama.Each play grapples with the timeless problems accompanying two people in love. The most intimate and personal of relationships are placed under uncompromising scrutiny. Bold, elemental and structurally satisfying, The Four Seasons (1964) depicts the ebb and flow of a couple's relationship, its power games and its politics, over the course of its year-long life. In Love Letters on Blue Paper (1977) we witness the late-blooming love of a woman for her dying husband in a drama of memory and companionship. Playful, witty and continually surprising, Lady Othello (1987) gets right to the heart of an urgent, all-consuming, passionate affair.