Train Up That Child e-bokEngelsk, 2014


Train Up That Child is a book designed to encourage parents and those involved with the development of the children of this day. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs that exist. We all need help and encouragement as we sow into the lives of children. This book will inspire you to truly consider what you plant into the minds and hearts of children, therefore, it should be read, discussed, but most importantly applied! If you are serious about the process of training up children, you can help to develop a generation of individuals who respect themselves, as well as others. Train Up That Child calls us to go back to the basics! It will inspire action, change, and deliberate effort. In order to produce young people with vision and a clear understanding of their purpose in life, you have to see this not just as a job, but a mission. If they are strong and sharp, then our society will reflect the same characteristics. We can be known as the generation that took the task of parenting and developing our youth seriously and indeedchanged a generation. Will you do your part?