Tides e-bokEngelsk, 2019


Two dangerously opposite civilizations collide in award-winning author Scott Mackay's "e;pulse-pounding tale of discovery"e; (Philadelphia Weekly Press).On a massive oceanic world, two separate intelligent species have evolved on the only two continents.Paras is a rich, vibrant realm of plenty, where the inhabitants never know want or hardship and society is built upon kindness and honesty. On the other side of the world lies Ortok, a harsh, volcanic land where the denizens have mastered deceit and cruelty in order to survive. Neither race has ever encountered the other.Until now.When a bold young Parassian explorer hears rumors of Ortok, he braves the savage seas to discover a new frontier. But his adventurous spirit is about to pull both Paras and Ortok into a conflict that could re-make both societies forever...In this thrilling science fiction adventure, Scott Mackay offers "e;a rousing narrative of discovery and survival in a world where you don't want to be around when the tide comes in."e; (Award-winning author Jack McDevitt).