Tell Others e-bokEngelsk, 2019


Suicide is Rampant! Will it soon become commonplace? Or only another buzzword? Suicide is a word that should only be whispered; a shameful sin, not to be further discussed. That's how author Marjorie Struck first learned about suicide, in her hometown of Plainview, Minnesota she heard that word in reference to many of her relatives, including her father. This is her story; a story of a family driven by depression, addiction and suicide; from one generation to the nextand the important lesson learned to TELL OTHERS. A riveting story of tragedy, survival, renewed faith and hope. Hope for the future and the next generations! ';Depression, Addiction and Suicide, used to be words that everyone shied away from. The words conjured up images of a ';Crazy Person.' But modern science and medicine, have proven it isn't so!Don't be complacent! These are real illnesses, diseases that killno matter by whose hand.What you must do is acknowledge that you or someone you love has a diseaseno different than heart disease or diabetes or cancerthis is a real killer, but it doesn't have to be!'And that is the real message of ';TELL OTHERS,' and the purpose for author Marjorie Struck, who hopes you will read her book and help save a life!