Sorcerer's Conquest e-bokEngelsk, 2015


After eight years away studying to become a Sorcerer, Rakeem returns to the quiet farm house he grew up. There he meets Fareess, a beautiful eighteen-year-old girl. Though sorcerer's lead a life of celibacy, Rakeem's will is weakened by her beauty and willingness. Once he satiates his awakening sexual appetite with her willing flesh, Rakeem broadens his horizons, seeking more women to dominate. He soon sets his sights on Kitwana, his childhood friend, and then seeks more women. Rakeem's sexual appetite completely consumes him, both destroying and enhancing the lives of every woman he touches. These women become his willing slaves and through mind-control and forced impregnation Rakeem ensures his powers will never fade and that despite breaking Sorcerer laws he will never be caught.