Son of Pan e-bokEngelsk, 2016


Pan Darling (12) is just a normal boy starting out in secondary school in modern London, England. His father Peter seems like an ordinary, albeit eccentric, school teacher, and his mother Wendy seems to be your average nurse. But when the pixie Tinker Bell comes flying into the boy's life, secrets begin to reveal themselves. All his life, the boy had heard of Neverland. His parents had told him countless stories about the magical place and its enchanting inhabitants. So when Tinker Bell asks for the boy's help to save some of its people, the lost boys, young Pan can't help but indulge his curiosity and escape to the magical isle. There, he wrestles with the truth about his father as he encounters intimidating natives, moody mermaids, courteous cannibals and a deranged Captain Hook. But no lost boys. Finally catching the trail of the lost children after days of searching, Pan and Tinker Bell are led to a land where fairy magic goes to die. It's an island occupied by ghoulish pumpkins, mighty beasts, and nefarious pirates, where happy thoughts alone can't save our heroes. Equipped with new-found courage, Pan rushes into battle, but will it be enough to save the lost boys, the pixie, and himself from the insidious villain who lurks within the shadows?