Say It and Solve It e-bokEngelsk, 2014


Karls knowledge makes his voice in this territory unique and hugely readable.Dave Lewis, President, Personal Care, Unilever Why are the most important conversations the most difficult to handle? You know you have to have them, but still you put them off. And you want them to go well but you dont know how to make sure they do. How do you prepare? What words should you use? How do you make your point without getting too nervous, tongue-tied or upset? And how are you going to solve the problem that needs addressing without upsetting someone? Say It and Solve it will coach you in the ten expert skills that peace negotiators, mediators and therapists use to take on even the most challenging situations and make every conversation count. Youll discover: Fascinating insights into how conversations really work: when to listen, when to talk and when to shut up! How to avoid the most common mistakes that everyone makes. The ten most powerful skills you need to tackle any conversation in any situation. Expert guidance on handling tricky conversations in real-world, workplace situations. Stop putting off those tricky conversations and start talking (and listening) your way to solutions and success.