re:MIX e-bokEngelsk, 2016


re:MIX: Transitioning Your Church to Living Color is a practical guidefor pastors, denominational leaders, and lay leaders who are seeking totransition their monoethnic congregations into healthy multiethnicchurches of Christ-centered faith. The book is theologically sound,cross-culturally relevant, and based on field research. It providestransferrable lessons and practices that are applicable in a variety oflocal church and denominational contexts. Authors Mark DeYmazand Bob Whitesel demonstrate that such transitions are not just timelyor optional. Indeed, these biblically grounded transitions are necessaryfor churches pursuing growth and health in an increasingly diversesociety. By becoming a church of living color, existing or decliningchurches present a more credible witness of God's love for all peopleand can achieve renewed significance and full of instructive, immediately useful information in a clear andeasy-to-use format and includes sidebar stories from church leaders in avariety of denominations who have transitioned their congregations toliving color.';Wow! Thisis the practical tool for the church that I have been waiting for. Pentecost didn't occur until the diversity of ';every nation underheaven' was present. This book will become recommended reading for allof my seminary students.'Mike Slaughter, pastor, author, speaker, and activist