Primal Man e-bokEngelsk, 2011


Primal Man will entertain lovers of cozy mysteries. Readers will get hooked by an intelligent plot and characters with interesting foibles. Detective Graham Hunter is faced with catching an exhibitionist, investigating financial misconduct, and solving a murder. Hunter is a pacifist and a student of philosophy---not typical attributes of a cop. He is assisted by Maria Flores, a journalist who was born in Chile. Will the obvious physical attraction between the two sleuths culminate in a romantic relationship? The story takes place in mythical Delphi, MO; the presence of an oracle and other reminders of Greek mythology enhance the narrative. A gender war at the university is raging between the radical feminists and the sociobiologists who have established the Program in Male Studies (PMS). The exhibitionist, aka Primal Man, is a disciple of the sociobiologists. His attacks become more aggressive as the story progresses. The feminists respond with massive demonstrations and more. Dr. Margo Elly, professor of biochemistry, is the murder victim. There are many suspects including her husband, a former student, two colleagues, and Primal Man. Clever plot twists and a surprise ending make for an exciting journey.