Pipes Were Calling e-bokEngelsk, 2004


There are many books about war. There are books that describe the bravery and glories of war. Other books portray the warrior as an "e;anti-hero"e;. The Pipes Were Calling: A Vietnam War Story is not either of these formula tales.The Pipes Were Calling tells the story of a boy, 18 year old and fresh from high school who is drafted and then sent to fight in Vietnam. He has no combat experience or Hollywood scriptwriters. To survive, he must quickly learn the rules of war.Danny Murphy learns these rules, experiences combat, endures the deaths of friends, and engages in the black humor of crises. We share his experiences as he goes from "e;newbie"e; to veteran, then finally to civilian.Danny's story is told with honesty and humor, hopefully leaving us with a clearer understanding of war.