Millionaire's Game & the Richest Man in Jerusalem e-bokEngelsk, 2015


This book is meant to open your eyes to know that millionaires are just ordinary people who walk the streets or neighbors like you and me. What sets them apart is that they have come to apply the wisdom which make them discipline and learn to practice the principles which make people millionaires. In simple words do what millionaires do and you will become one. It is within the reach of all who dream big. Not only the dreaming but also those who dare to take the action or step that will move them towards the direction of financial independence. The book is in two parts. The first part which is called The Millionaires Game motivates you into the realm whereby you define the consequences of every expenditure you make, big or small. People are poor because they spend without appreciating the consequences of their actions over a period of say five or ten years. So your journey to the world of the millionaire begins by your playing The Millionaires Game. It is a simple game but scratching, soul searching, irritating, teasing and privacy bursting. Can you stand it? The second part of the book which is called The Richest Man in Jerusalem is a fiction which motivates you by no giving up in your endeavor to fulfill your dreams. It should be read several times over and over for you to recognize the fact that even a slave or a fool can become wealthy. You will get to know why many fall and others rise. It will also reveal to you how those who fall can rise again.