Messages e-bokEngelsk, 2012


Denny Daikeler is amazing. She puts into words what so many of us need to think about. Most people live their lives oblivious to the little magical messages. It is in this guidance that there is a POWER out there patiently waiting, aware of our travails. It will steer our lives, if only we will look deeper. Daikeler sees the magic, is in touch with the POWER that lives around us, so ready to give us faith and fortitude. The Message is there for us if only we choose to see and believe.Jonathan Daly, actor and playwrightEvery story in this book is true and happened exactly as its written down. Each will expand your awareness and show you how magical, how limitless, and how truly connected life can be if you open to the possibility. Trust, a leap of faith, and an open mind are all thats required. This book is about a journey of wonder, and its anyones to live.