Late, Not So Great, Republican Party: e-bokEngelsk, 2014


Everyone's interested in U.S. politics. They want to know how the Republicans became the party of the rich, and Democrats became so damned liberal. History buffs often ponder the origin and changes that took place in the Republican Party since its inception long before the Civil War. Through the help of researchers, the history has come to light, including the beginnings before calling themselves Republicans. Then, the Early Republicans and the Civil War, and what brought them to the days of the Modern Republican Party divided between Tea Party and Conservatives. No matter what branch of the Republican Party we are researching, these are those politicos who stood behind Family Values and Christianity as the watchdog of those Family Values; and, just what do those Family Values mean to Republicans in power. They mean prosecute a President who was conned by a free and willing young lady that she had something to offer him that would blow his mind. While that received international attention - the number of Republicans seeking to perform that same act, on police, on men in public bathrooms, and caught doing that to children 6 and 7 years old - rarely comes to light, let alone their affairs with subordinates and others. Learn about some of the hypocrisy, especially when it comes to sexuality, fidelity, and what the value of children is to the Republicans, as Republicans in office and power use them as sex toys. Learn of the Perversions which Republicans have been charged and convicted, and imprisoned for. Timeline of party development and platforms, and also timeline of criminal activity violating ethics of family values is given. A must read for all Democrats, and a must read for all Republicans who want to know the absolute truth about their party and the sexual perverts who run the party and have ruined it. Remember the famous saying "e;Don't trust Republicans with your liquor or your children"e;. Makes perfect sense today!