Is Heaven for Real: I've Seen It and Don't Believe It e-bokEngelsk, 2014


Is Heaven for Real? I've Seen it and Don't Believe it by Cathy Wilson, is a truly fascinating journey that takes you face to face with the tough questions surrounding... *Proof of Heaven and Hell*Whether there is life after death*The science behind life and death, and life after death*Differing religious beliefs on Heaven*The connections of God and The Gates of Heaven*How personal life experience and perspective influences beliefs*Cathy's personal accounts with that "e;bright light,"e; that's both terrifying and spectacularAnd discusses the very real possibility that life may in fact begin with death. That death isn't something to be feared as society dictates, but embraced and accepted. This book will challenge, educate, envelop, enlighten, and help open your mind to endless possibilities surrounding that universal question we yearn to have answered, "e;Is Heaven for Real?"e;Read on to find out!