Healthcare Marketing: A Case Study Approach e-bokEngelsk, 2013


Experienced healthcare marketers know that the traditional four Ps of business marketing-product, price, placement, and promotion-don't always translate into the world of healthcare marketing. In this practical guide, the authors address the importance of a different set of Ps-physicians, patients, payers, public, and the presence of politics-for building a solid foundation in healthcare marketing. The book focuses on the unique needs of marketing in healthcare, applying general marketing theory and concepts where appropriate and tapping into the day-to-day experiences of working healthcare marketing professionals. The four main parts of the book are introduced by comprehensive cases that will challenge readers to consider strategic marketing initiatives while teaching them the differences between marketing healthcare and marketing other products and services. Each chapter includes an additional case study that addresses relevant healthcare marketing concepts through real-world applications. Topics addressed in this book include: The history of healthcare marketing practices Physician, patient, and hospital interactions Alignment of strategic marketing efforts to the mission, vision, and values of an organization Ethics of healthcare marketing Stakeholders' roles in healthcare marketing Conflict management techniques The basics of a healthcare marketing plan Instructor Resources: A test bank, PowerPoint slides, answers to the end-of-chapter discussion questions and exercises, and teaching notes on the case studies.