God vs Money e-bokEngelsk, 2019


FIND YOUR PATH TO SERVING GOD BY CREATING PASSIVE INCOME! For years, the Christian faith seemed to call for living a simple life, one where you learn to accept your limited finances. In God vs Money: Why Passive Income is Essential to Serving God, Dr Edwin Lee explores the Scriptural basis behind many Christians' relationships with money. Along the way, Edwin shares his financial journey and how he came to understand the importance of building passive income and its impact on his relationship with God. If you are questioning living a life where you struggle to pay the bills, feeling that pursuing more money would contribute to a love of money, then you need to read God vs Money. Edwin looks at the Scriptures and offers a deeper understanding of what the love of money is and how a lack of money can negatively impact that relationship with God. Edwin shares how passive income can give you the freedom to create a deeper relationship with God and to explore opportunities that you might have missed because of a focus on providing for your loved ones. If you are ready to enjoy a deeper, more meaningful connection with God by changing your relationship with money, then God vs Money is a must read!